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Photo: © Newburyport Daily News

Photo: © Newburyport Daily News

Our officers and the members of our Board of Directors are:

Anna Smulowitz - Member of the Board of Directors and Theatrical Director

Alan Schutz - Member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer

Linda Zirin - Member of the Board of Directors and Production Managerr

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The problems of hatred, prejudice, bullying and indifference are still present in our schools, colleges, and communities. Unacceptable behavior is too often tolerated or ignored.

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting racism, anti-semitism, discrimination, intolerance and bullying through education and the arts.  In particular, we organize, produce and stage public performance of the play Terezin:  Children of the Holocaust by amateur actors at schools, synagogues, churches, colleges, universities, theaters and other venues, followed by followed by an educational discussions between the audience, the director and the actors regarding the Play.   

Terezin: Children of the Holocaust, the recipient of the 1984 Children's Television Drama Award, is a theatrical play that takes place at Terezin (also called Theresienstadt in German), a concentration camp outside of Prague that imprisoned many European Jews, including over 15,000 children during the Nazi era. The play, which is based on and incorporates actual historical events during this time period, is the story of six Jewish children imprisoned in the concentration camp and chronicles the last two days of their lives at the camp before being deported to their deaths at Auschwitz. While the play takes place during the Holocaust, it teaches its audience about discrimination in general, the need for social responsibility and the power of individual choice.

We provide educational materials regarding the play and the Holocaust, in particular children in the Holocaust, and contemporary issues relating to bullying and discrimination. These materials can be used by educators, such as teachers in schools, to teach, and the audience to learn, about the play, the Holocaust, as well as issues relating to bullying and discrimination. We provide educational materials that meet state educational standards in the United States and assist educators.

We also organize educational seminars, symposia, meetings, artistic performances, art exhibitions, and other events about the play, the Holocaust and World War II, including in particular the fate of children in the Holocaust, and about discrimination and bullying.